Szel-Mob SRL has 30 years of history, being founded back in 1994! 30 years of hard work is what made the name Szel-Mob to be known all over the world! 30 years of restless passion in furniture manufacturing is what drove us to have one of the most up to date factory in Europe, where we   currently have 200 employees who strive to bring the best quality furniture to our customers.

We love to dream, to draw and to design! Because of this, by now we manufacture over 700 models of pine or oak  furniture in 82 different of   finishes.

Despite we produce classic standard furniture, we also understand and  appreciate the needs of those customers who would like them a little bit different. We can modify the dimensions of our furniture, add or take away extra doors, drawer and shelves. We listen to our customers’ needs and do our best to fulfill them.

With our furniture you can transform a house in to a dream home!